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SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector Installation & Licensing

The video will show you how to install the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector as an Altium Designer Extension.

  • It is highly advised that you watch this video prior to the actual installation. You must have the license number ready for pasting into the licensing prompt during the installation. More so, you must be watchful for any UAC (User Access Control) prompts which may not popup on the screen but are visible on the task bar. If the installation completes prior to entering the licensing information, the program will install, but will not grant the user permission to use it. It will have to be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Prior to installing the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector, the following must be installed:
                - Altium Designer
                - SOLIDWORKS PCB Services -or- Altium Vault (if AD17 or prior) or Nexus (if AD18 or later)
                - SOLIDWORKS

  • SOLIDWORKS PCB Services does not require a license. This must be installed prior to the installation of the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector. This installation is separate from SOLIDWORKS and Altium Designer. If the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector will be installed on more than one computer, SOLIDWORKS PCB Services should be installed on a network server.
  • The versions of Altium Designer, SOLIDWORKS PCB Services, and SOLIDWORKS must be the same. For example, the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector extension found in Altium Designer 18 will only work with SOLIDWORKS PCB Services 2018 and SOLIDWORKS 2018.
  • If you are a Nexus user, please contact us at Nine Dot Connects. There are additional licensing requirements that require our assistance.

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