SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector Installation & Licensing

The video will show you how to install the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector as an Altium Designer Extension.

  • It is highly advised that you watch this video before the actual installation. You must have the license number ready for pasting into the licensing prompt during the installation. You also must be watchful for any UAC (User Access Control) prompts which may not popup on the screen but are only visible on the taskbar. If the installation completes before entering the licensing information, the program will install but will not grant the user permission to use it. It will have to be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Prior to installing the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector in Altium Designer, the following must be installed:
                - Altium Designer
                - SOLIDWORKS

               This also requires a server to handle the translation between Altium Designer and
               SOLIDWORKS. If your company is using Altium Vault, Nexus or Concord Pro, these products
               can act as the translation service and do not require the installation of the SOLIDWORKS
               PCB Services. Please contact us for additional licensing that will be required.
               If you do not have Vault, Nexus or Concord Pro, simply install SOLIDWORKS PCB Services.
               Note that SOLIDWORKS PCB Services cannot be installed on the same computer/server as
               Vault, Nexus or Concord Pro due to port issues.

  • SOLIDWORKS PCB Services does not require a license. This must be installed before the installation of the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector. This installation is separate from SOLIDWORKS and Altium Designer. If the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector is installed on more than one computer, SOLIDWORKS PCB Services should be installed on a network server.
  • The versions of Altium Designer, SOLIDWORKS PCB Services, and SOLIDWORKS must be the same. For example, the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector extension found in Altium Designer 20 will only work with SOLIDWORKS PCB Services 2020 and SOLIDWORKS 2020.
  • If you have requested a SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector server license for your SOLIDWORKS Network License (SNL) server, please note the following:

               1. The SNL server must be of a newer or equal version of the tools. For example,
                    if using SOLIDWORKS 2020, the SNL needs to be version 2020 (or later).
               2. When installing, have the license number ready and enter it when prompted.
               3. The installer will detect the floating license (based on the license‚Äôs prefix) and prompt
                    for the SNL path.

               1. SNL License is picked up by Altium Designer when the user pushes or pulls a design from
                    the PCB Serves (or Vault, Nexus, Concord Pro, depending on which one is being used).
               2. SNL License will be relinquished when user closes Altium Designer

We put together a matrix document between Altium Designer, SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector, and SOLIDWORKS versions.

Download Matrix

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