Nine Dot Connects understands that selling a tool goes beyond the point of sale. We don’t sell what we cannot support. We know that when there’s an issue, you expect us to be there and to respond in a timely manner. This philosophy has given us immense success in selling Altium Designer many years ago. We will do the same when it comes to SOLIDWORKS PCB.

In the end, when you buy from Nine Dot Connects, we become your partners in the PCB design process, front to back. Need training on the product? We offer our Boot Camp (Basic) training as well as our “stealth training” on specific topics that may be of critical interest. Need design consulting? We have staff members versed in power, high speed, analog, and FPGAs. Need help in the layout? We have layout experts to who have well over 40 years of experience. Need a better understanding of the PCB process? Our PCB Fundamentals class is specifically designed to educate anyone involved in the PCB process.

In addition to our services, we offer a number of videos, webinars and write-ups on many critical design topics. In addition, we maintain “the cookbook” which provides unique solutions and procedures for SOLIDWORKS PCB PCB.

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