Mechatronics Videos - 4 Parts

The Rise of Mechatronics

We conducted 12-city roadshow on the topic of "The Rise of Mechatronics." There are 4 parts. The first 3 are presentation of the series and delivered in sequence 1, 2, and 3. Each video lasts about 24 minutes. The last is the demo/movie of the collaboration between SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS.

Watch these four videos to learn about:

  • The changing mechatronics landscape
  • The key inventions and techniques throughout the last 70 years that make the industry what it is today
  • The rise in mechatronics
  • The Rise and (now) Fall of Traditional Silo Groups
  • How CAD tools and complexities of the design process forced divisions of task
  • DEMO: How collaborative tools are improving the ECAD-MCAD environment

Part 1 tells a story of why the PCB is the medium of all mediums when it comes to electronic devices. The PCB has been able to adapt to the revolutionary changes in the technology for decades. The question remains: Are we getting to a point in which the traditional PCB is hitting its limits?

Part 2 is presented by Soldiworks. Josh Moore has been in the PCB industry for 20+ years. This presentation looks at the changes in the design and the design process. More importantly, the need for more seamless collaboration between the mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines as an entire system become one of many systems in a product.

Part 3 explores the possible manufacturing path for mechatronic design. PCBs are designed in a 2D space and makes use of the copper structure known as a via for its ability to provide a path in the Z direction. This has served the PCB well since the concept was introduced in the 1960s. However, mechatronic design will call for new ways of fabricating, assembly, designing and even the material we use for electrical connectivity in the X,Y and Z planes.

This video was presented to simply show the integration solution provided by SOLIDWORKS. During the roadshow, the commentary was provided as the video was played. For the purposes of this recording and voiceover, the original video is paused as more details are provided for those who are new to the collaboration concept between Mechanical (MCAD) and Electrical (ECAD) tools. If you desire more information, please refer to our October 2017 webinar titled “Improving the Altium ECAD/MCAD Connectivity Experience.”

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