The Mechanical Engineer's Role in This Technological Boom

We understand that for most mechanical engineers, there is little interest or knowledge in electronics. However, the driving force in much of the current technological upswing involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or the Internet of Things (IoT). Unlike prior technological booms in which a specific product or infrastructure was the focus, this boom impacts all traditional products. Today, to make products more useful and beneficial, people are rethinking how we have used them in the past. Consider a few examples:

  • Touchless faucets in hospitals, removing the spread of germs through contact with faucet handles
  • Defibrillators and EpiPens that can talk first responders through emergency procedures
  • Geologic drill bits (e.g., oilwells) that can provide downhole data, such as pressure and heat
  • Washing machines that can provide diagnostic information to one's cell phone
  • Smart home light switches, power outlets, and thermostats, controllable wirelessly to conserve energy
  • Doorbells having cameras, speakers, and microphones with wireless access

Therefore, the technological boom will require mechanical engineers to collaborate with electrical engineers (and vice versa). This video has three objectives: To explain why mechanical engineers may be interested in a design's electrical aspects, how they can get involved, and where Nine Dot Connects can assist.

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