SOLIDWORKS PCB comes with a set of ready-made libraries in IntLib (or Integrated Library). These can be managed as IntLib, or you may choose to separate them into SchLib and PcbLib based on your preference.

Before you download these libraries, please note the following:

  • Unless we have posted otherwise, we are not the originator of these libraries, nor have we checked the libraries for accuracy. Please review the graphics (the symbol and footprint) and any data that may accompany the component for errors or omissions. If you do find any issues, please bring them to our attention.
  • We encourage you to look for any hidden power pins in the symbols and convert them into visible pins. The use of hidden pins an archaic practice that we at Nine Dot Connects highly discourage. If you do find any hidden pins, please bring them to our attention.
  • Please note that the libraries provided here represent less than 1% of the components currently on the market.
  • Please note the component market is constantly adding and removing components. Some components listed may be obsolete. Please verify the stock and lead times of a component before using it. If you find that a component is obsolete, please let us know. We will mark it as such. We encourage you to keep that component in your library and to mark it as obsolete. Otherwise, you or a colleague may try to research that component again in the future and duplicate prior efforts.
  • Given that every company is different in how they handle components, modifications of the components such as colors, font sizes, mechanical layers, etc., may be required to comply with your company's requirements.

As you may have gathered, searching for components and verifying them can be as difficult as creating them. If you need assistance in this area, please contact us to see how we may be of service.

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We also understand that organizing components can be just as daunting. We have a good deal of insight on this important topic. Please check out our commentary on library methodology here:

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