Avoiding Buyer's Remorse

We at Nine Dot Connects know that software purchases can be a daunting task. There are research, phone calls and e-mails, tool demonstrations, and the like. Not only are there plenty of tools to choose from, but there can also be several organizations selling the same product. Some companies sell directly, while others rely on VARs (Value Add Resellers).

There is undoubtedly competition on all levels when it comes to selling software. This provides the software purchaser choices.

One of the significant factors is the price. We all want a good deal. Unlike the TV or toaster or even the refrigerator, we may purchase, software of this nature requires more than just a good price. It requires support and training long after the purchase. At Nine Dot Connects, the sale is not the endpoint but rather the beginning of our relationship with the customer. Why do you always go to the same dentist or barber or car dealership? Because they have earned your business through their services. As far as we are concerned, selling software that could make or break your design process requires the same level of service.

One of the more unfortunate activities when selling software is a tactic used by unscrupulous VARS that we call 'swooping.' This is a tactic in which one VAR 'swoops' in on another VAR's sales engagement to offer a lower price. For the customer, why should they care? Isn't this capitalism at its best? When buying software of this nature, there's a commitment to resources beyond the budget. It also requires an investment in training the engineers and designers on how to use it and, more so, implementing a workflow that works best for the company.

So if another VAR or even a tool competitor decides to 'swoop' in on the deal, look beyond budget:

  • Can the 'swooper' provide support after the sale, meaning, can they support you directly? Or are they going to pawn you off to the company's support team the moment you write the check? Remember, a company support team may take days to return calls due to the volume of customers they must support.
  • Can the 'swooper' provide training after the sale to help you ramp up quickly? More importantly, is the training being presented by individuals who have both tool knowledge and industry experience? Can they provide custom training if there are features or capabilities that you will heavily rely on?
  • Can the 'swooper' provide services after the sale to assist you with complex design needs without pawning it off to a third party?

These are important questions to ask, and you should hold the 'swooper' to any promises made during the sale. Sales guys will say the darndest things to make the deal.

We at Nine Dot Connects will not play this game. We believe it is unethical to do it to others, and we have little respect for those who do it to us. In the end, we have survived and thrived on providing top-notch support and service to our customers. When you buy from us, there should be no buyer's remorse.

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