RF Antenna Services

We focus on providing high-performance, custom designs optimized for end-users' specific applications. All design work is performed with the goal of repeatable, cost-effective manufacturing.

Our custom antenna and passive RF component design work includes the following:

  • Integrating the custom RF components into the radio's PCB or as a standalone device
  • Single and multi-board solutions with multiple antennas: created on the same PCB/Kim enclosure
  • High-performance, cost-effective arrays for challenging RF link budgets
  • Material evaluation for DK and DF performance using custom RF test fixtures
  • Prototype fabrication and evaluation

Resources and Equipment

  • Network Analyzers up to 6 GHz.
  • 8ft x 8ft x 12ft RF shield room with 18-inch cones on all sides.
  • PIM (Passive Intermodulation) analyzers at 850 MHz and 1900 MHz
  • 6 GHz VNA (Vector Network Analyzer)
  • Various waveguide, microstrip, and stripline test fixtures for DK and DF material evaluation
  • Two High-End Workstations. Best 2 Intel Xeon Gold 6140 Processors (36 cores total), 768GB of RAM, Dell Ultra Speed Solid State Drives,4.5TB of storage.
  • 2x ANSYS HFSS Electronics Licenses, Optimetrics, and HPC packs

Prior Antenna Work Examples

  • LTE handset and modem antennas
  • BLE (Bluetooth low energy) antennas
  • WiFi6 dual-band antennas
  • Television white space antennas
  • Light fixture antennas
  • 30 GHz steerable lens antenna
  • High gain co-secant squared directional antenna
  • 165 dBc directional antennas in air-duct
  • Broadband GPS design for military applications
  • IoT antennas (mostly vehicular)
  • Repeater antennas (marine application)
  • 30 GHz antennas (5G)
  • Quasi Omni (canister) cellular antennas

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