L9 Manager Overview

COMPONENT MANAGEMENT, not database management

When handling component libraries for an organization, a database can offer a systematic way of adding and maintaining components. EDA companies and independent database companies offer solutions. But these solutions miss the mark. EDA companies sell enterprise solutions that target huge companies with dedicated resources to maintain libraries. There are also many non-EDA-specific database suppliers offering their solutions. But, like most things in life, an all-purpose database is a no-purpose database. In the end, someone has to customize the database for component management.

And that's the crux of the issue - who is that someone? A PCB designer with database experience? That's very unlikely. PCB designers don't have the time (or desire) to become database administrators.

We at Nine Dot Connects understand this. We have seen our fair share of unusable library workflows for several years, so we have been developing the L9 Manager. L9 was created to address all designers' flow when creating new components. It was designed to allow easy database access without complex licensing or installation requirements. It was designed to minimize the typing and entry steps that make databases arduous and error-prone. It was designed to allow designers to continue their work while enjoying the benefits of a well-organized and structured library. In short, it was designed to provide component management without needing database management.

Because the L9 effort is close to us here at Nine Dot Connects, you know that it will not only be supported by experts in library methodology but continually refined and improved.


  • One license for server; user access through a web browser
  • Three levels of user responsibilities: user, librarian, and admin
  • Rapid setup on the user's machine for interfacing with Altium Designer
  • Easy import of library data from prior libraries
  • Easy entry of new components, with look-up capabilities that fill in the blanks
  • Built-in status mechanisms to assist with validation


  • The server license and 10 user licenses (optional additional user license available)
  • L9 installation assistance
  • On-site client library and database management consultation and training (2 days)

Recommended Services:

  • Altium Designer configuration management setup (2-days)

We were looking for a tool to support us in effectively organizing, managing, and maintaining our electronics part libraries. L9 provided a cost-effective solution that was easy to use. The team and Nine Dots Connects have been incredibly responsive and supportive in installing and maintaining the system. The Nine Dots Connect team has also been responsive and open to recommendations, feature requests, and improvement ideas providing a positive customer experience and making us feel like we have a partner in solving our parts management issues.

Chad Igo, Senior Electrical Engineer, Graco Inc.

"L9 has been a great replacement and upgrade from our previous library system. It was easy to import data from our legacy library and customize it to an established workflow. Taking L9 live in our group was smooth with minimal training for new users. The customer support team is quick to respond and always helpful. The Nine Dots Connect team is amazingly open to users' input and feature requests. Check it out."

-A. Baker, Senior PCB Designer, DIGI WDS Product Development Services

L9 Overview
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