Desktop EDA: Altium Modeler for SolidWorks Demo

DesktopEDA has been specializing in ECAD and MCAD collaboration since the 1990s. With a firm understanding of both the mechanical domain and the electrical domain, DesktopEDA provides several software solutions for those who wish to establish a streamlined approach to collaborating with these 2 different domains without compromising the integrity that each domain demands.

This introduction video provides an overview of DesktopEDA as it relates to Altium and Solidworks. This is a solution for an electromechanical engineer or designer who has both Altium Designer and Solidworks on their machine; HOWEVER, this is only one of several solutions offered.

The following are offerings geared for specific engineers with specific tools. By using a shared network drive folder, members of the design team can pass information in real-time using their domain-specific tools without the need to export and e-mail files (or to learn the workings of another tool that is outside of their design domain)


  • IDF Modeler for Altium Designer
  • PADS ASCII Modeler


  • Solidworks IDF Modeler
  • Inventor IDF Modeler
  • SolidEdge IDF Modeler

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