PCB Layout Services

A large portion of the design projects we undertake for our clients is PCB layout projects. Depending on the situation, we can work on either an "hourly not-to-exceed" or a "fixed-bid" basis for PCB layout projects. We work diligently to determine a project's scope of effort before bidding so that our clients can rest easy knowing what they are getting is at a fair, predictable price; this is one of the ways that Nine Dot Connects reduces the risk for our clients.

To provide a fixed bid, the design must be well-defined to accurately determine the work scope required. It is critical that the schematics are complete and locked down, the Bill of Materials (BOM) is accurate, and that the netlist integrity has been verified (such as by the Electrical Rule Checker in Altium Designer.) The customer can further reduce the scope of effort and price by providing all necessary footprints, layer stack-up information, design rules based on their manufacturer's recommendations, and mechanical constraints.

If the design is not complete and ready for layout, we will bid on a "not-to-exceed" hourly basis, or if EE resources are required, design consulting services are an excellent way for us to assist you in preparing to move into the PCB layout phase.

We have assembled a PCB Layout Checklist to facilitate the quoting process. We believe this checklist should help you pull together the necessary project files for a successful service engagement.

PCB Layout Checklist
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Here are comments from happy clients:

Thanks for assigning Tom to my project; his expertise was invaluable, and I'm confident the design will work the first go-round. He deserves a lot of credit for working with my schematic, which was not fully ready on the hand-off, and then integrating the design with the other PCBs in the project. Thanks Tom!

David Deane, Engineering Associate

"We first worked with Nine Dot Connects via their Altium Designer Boot Camp course. This course was both informative and practical. The instructor gave us a lot of advice that only a seasoned veteran of PCB design and Altium could provide. We also contracted with Nine Dot Connects for PCB layout services. The work was done very quickly and with high quality. I can wholeheartedly recommend them for both design and layout. Thanks to their services, we have been able to keep our project on schedule."

Timothy Benson - EE, Xylem Inc.