Many in One

In this fast-paced engineering world, we all feel understaffed. It is no longer a 9-to-5 job. Colleagues and subordinates wear countless hats. Everything seems to be done "on the fly." In short, there is a need for additional help.

When we want to hire someone, our expectations are a bit unreal. We want to spend little or no time training or instructing. The candidate is expected to jump in and participate on the first day of hire. They are to be knowledgeable in everything, even to the point where the only person qualified for the position may be Scottie from Star Trek. (That guy seems to know everything!) We fret over whether we can keep this candidate during the lulls of the "feast or famine" design cycles, assuming that this candidate works out, to begin with. And, of course, we want this highly experienced candidate to take on the same salary as a new college graduate.

Why try to hire a single "someone"? At Nine Dot Connects, we can provide everything with the experts on our staff. Please think of us as an on-demand engineering service.

  • Because we are a service, you can hire us through purchasing rather than the tedious HR hiring process.
  • We are there when you need us. We understand that projects ebb and flow.
  • Through our consulting services, we can provide the right individual or individuals as you progress through the design process. The hours you purchase are for you to use when needed.
  • Through our design services, we can do the work for you when your team's bandwidth is all used up.

Below is our organization's resume. It consists of the people who make Nine Dot Connects what it is, their fields of expertise, and a partial list of the staff and major projects we have worked on in the past.

Our Resume