Nine Dot Connects is a design implementation and PCB training organization with our technical staff outnumbering the sales and marketing by 5-to-1. Our primary goal is to help our clients reduce the risk involved in designing & manufacturing PCBs and incorporating them successfully into working hardware. We are entirely focused on filling in the process gaps that our clients would otherwise have to navigate. As such, we provide electronic design and design validation tools, tool & methodology training/coaching, and design, library, and consulting services.

Frustrated with EDA salespeople interested primarily in selling you design licensing rather than helping to address your hardware development challenges with a holistic approach? If so, then please reach out to us. We are different by design. We are EDA solution partners for SOLIDWORKS PCB, In-Circuit Design, Desktop EDA, and Zuken E3. Also, we are a provider of Library9 library solutions. Whatever your PCB design library situation, we have solutions and services that can streamline your processes.