Why Do Customers Use Our Service? To Hand off         the Ugly Components!

There are "jellybean" components, and then there are "ugly" components. "Jellybeans" are your typical components like resistors and capacitors. There are so many on the market that their symbols and footprints are relatively easy to come by. You likely have copied the symbol and footprint graphic of existing jellybean or cloned jellybean components to make new jellybean components.

The effort becomes more complex regarding connectors or packages that do not use standard conventions. Unless the manufacturer or a third-party library happens to provide them, you are on your own. Most manufacturers will offer STEP files, but when it comes to EDA symbols and footprint graphics, they do not bother. Since there is no standard, it is too much effort to create them for all the various EDA tools on the market. Thus, they become the "ugly components," which seem to be just as much of a design project as the design itself!

As for the 3rd party libraries, they might oblige if you are paying for services. But do not expect to find them in free libraries. These components consisting of parametric information, the symbol, the footprint, and the 3D representation, can take a few hours to create.

Our customers who use our service never give us jellybeans. It would take longer for one of our customer's designers to write the request than for them to make or clone a component. They are happy to hand off the ugly stuff, and candidly, we enjoy the challenge of tackling the ugly stuff!

And that's another point to be made. Through cloud-based libraries, we can monitor and validate our customers' components and add components we have created for them. This ensures consistency in the libraries without the administrative burden on our customers.

If you are tired of the scavenger hunts for components or constantly interrupting your design work to make components, talk to us at Nine Dot Connects to see what we can do for your component libraries.

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