Library Sustainment Services

Nine Dot Connects provides services to structure, restore, and migrate component libraries. In other words, we take the past and bring it into the "now."

But what about the future of your library? Libraries are not static. Think of the last time you were able to create a new board with only the components that existed in your library. Unless you have an extensive library, new components need to be added.

This is where sustainment begins.

Unfortunately, libraries do not auto-correct or self-amend. Without an individual or team to maintain it, the decomposition of a library can happen in as little as 6 months.

Not only does Nine Dot Connects offer several services to keep your libraries in order, but we also can assist in several areas of the PCB design process:

Components - Tired of wasting your engineering time on creating components? Nine Dot Connects can assist with the creation of components on demand. Each component is made based on the customer's style guide. Our footprints follow IPC guidelines or datasheets, and all components come with a 3D step model that is based upon the largest tolerances of the mechanical part.

Templates - Frustrated with the lack of consistency between project documents? Nine Dot Connects can assist your team in developing templates (schematic, Draftsman, BoMs, etc.) to help keep your documentation uniform.

Training and Support - Worried that your team will run roughshod over your library? Nine Dot Connects can provide training to ensure that all who will use the library will know the best practices in making and editing components. Support offers resources for the designer so that issues related to the library can be remedied swiftly.

Project <-> Library Synchronization - Daunted by the idea of trying to synchronize your project components to your library? Nine Dot Connects is well-versed in this synchronization. Through our established procedure, we safely swap library components with components in the project without modifications or the introduction of errors.

So, if you are tired of your precious engineering hours being used to deal with the administrative hassles of library and project management, contact us. Our sustainment offerings can be as narrow or extensive as you need them to be. Let our experience with our clients be put to work for you.

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