How do I evaluate L9 Manager?

Evaluating L9 requires a methodical approach, depending on one's knowledge of component libraries. We intend to provide a tool that will make component management more efficient, not more burdensome. For those new to component management, we can provide access to an online demo of L9 so that you can "kick the tires" and get a feel for the workflow. We can provide a trial license for those with more experience and feel that L9 may be suitable for their organization. Though L9 can work on one's own computer, the trial license is best suited to allow all members of the organization the opportunity to try it. L9 works best when members of the organization embrace the concept.

We provide two methods for evaluation:

Online - For those individuals and groups investigating the idea of component management libraries, access can be provided to one of the L9 online demo sites. This allows the individual to operate L9 without needing installation or licensing.

  • Evaluate L9's capabilities without having to involve other members of the group or IT

Timed Evaluation License - For those companies and groups seeking to determine if L9 is suitable for their workflow, a time license can be procured. This will require setup on a network server, though installation and licensing of L9 have been made for rapid setup.

  • Evaluate the ease of importing libraries
  • Understand the workflow as it pertains to your group
  • Simple replacement of the license to perpetual allows existing work to be preserved

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