DFM Library Example Download

We decided to pull together a library example to help demonstrate the concepts during the creation process for our recent webinar on DFM library considerations. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we decided that a good library example should be worth a handful of specifications...

The library contains 34 components of various types, from discrete components to mechanical hardware. All components have been placed on the schematic and their corresponding footprints on a PCB layout sheet to allow you to see the library results when the information is consistent. Also, we wish to highlight the following:

Symbol Library:

  • Method of handling the power on discrete logic gates
  • An method for naming symbols
  • A method for description information
  • Key Static parameters
  • Visibility and order of certain parameters for schematic display

Footprint Library:

  • Etched components such as an inductor
  • Courtyard for all footprints
  • Assembly layer information for all footprints
  • Thermal pads designed to avoid Via-In-Pad

Download Library 6MB

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