Component Service Options

There are well over 2 billion components on the market, and growing. It is interesting when customers ask Nine Dot Connects for a comprehensive library. This is something that we cannot provide! Does a company really want a library of all 600+ processors sold by Microchip?

Libraries are specific to every company. No two companies need the same components, let alone two of the same groups within the company.

Understanding the elements that make up a library component is also essential. Some may have all of these features; some may not:

  • Symbol - Used in the schematics
  • PCB footprint - Used in the PCB layout
  • 3D model - Used in communicating with the mechanical designers
  • Intellectual information - Use in the Bill of Materials (BOM) and assembly
  • Models such as IBIS or SPICE - Use in the simulation of the circuit

Here at Nine Dot Connects, we provide 2 services. Though they may be similar in nature, we provide them for different needs.

There may be a concern about the components' integrity for those with libraries in place. Are the pins correct? Are the pads of the footprint within spec? Is the intellectual information correct for a BOM? Moreover, are you missing information that could make your components easier to read or understand?

Therefore, we provide a "Standard Cleansing" package, which includes:

  • Update or add the HelpURL field with an HTTP link to the most relevant document that best outlines the manufacturer part number and component dimensions.
  • Review the manufacturer field for accuracy and consistency. (How many times do we see both TI and Texas Instruments?)
  • Review the manufacturer part number field for accuracy
  • Review the description field for consistency, which includes
  • Capitalization for the entire field
  • Spacings and delimiters, as needed by the customer
  • Formatting of the values to provide a consistent look and ease of search
  • Schematic symbol review and correct if needed.
  • PCB Footprint review and correct if needed.

In some life cases, there is a need to rebuild rather than salvage completely. Libraries are no exception. Whether you are moving from another EDA tool to Altium or you want to build a new library from your manufacturer's part number, we provide the following "Power Cleansing":

All of the Above, including:

  • Schematic symbol review and/or generation based on manufacturer part number.
  • PCB footprint review and/or generation based on manufacturer part number.
  • Supplier field review with corrections if needed, including multiple suppliers.
  • Component parameter review and corrections if needed.

Here is a few examples of a clean library should look:

Clean Library Examples
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