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In Summary

Altium 365 can be a powerful way to organize one's files. Unfortunately, as one can see, setup and component migration are not trivial. They require:

  • Time for planning
  • Time to implement the file structure and the related folder properties
  • Time to prepare and migrate libraries

By the way, we did not mention anything about the templates (e.g., Outjobs, schematic, draftsman, project, etc.) and projects. Though they are easier to maintain than library components, their file structure and preparation must also be considered.

We at Nine Dot Connects have helped numerous customers with these and similar projects, and we know how to navigate these proverbial waters. Let us help you set up Altium 365 and your libraries through our services and training.

Training Option

AND If you want another option

If Altium 365 seems overkill for you and your organization, we invite you to consider our library management product, L9. L9 was designed by us here at Nine Dot Connects to make the best use of a database library without the intense overhead. For more information, click the link.

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