Altium 365 Setup - Library Migration

A Brief Comment on Library Migration

Even if one follows the recommendations for the setup described on prior pages, component migration is an entirely different matter. Consider a bridge designed for cars. The designers of the bridge are responsible for building a stable structure. However, the condition of the car driving over the bridge is quite a different story.

The migration must consider:

  • Component parameters, corresponding values, and text type
  • Destination folder for the symbol footprint and component
  • File naming scheme
  • Folder destination
  • Datasheets

Unlike database libraries and parametric data found in Altium Designer's symbol-centric libraries, Altium 365 allows the administrator to use various text types such as string text, farad, percentage, Celsius, etc. This must be done within the migration tool; otherwise, each component must be revised thereafter.

Datasheets must also be declared so that they are entered as part of the component data upon migration. These are the overlooked little items that become enormous regrets later.

Once a component file is within the Altium 365 environment, any file modification must undergo the revision change process. Therefore, the libraries must be well-formatted before the migration.

The preparation of the libraries can take months, depending on the condition of the libraries. Nine Dot Connects provides scrubbing services for libraries. Please check out our website for videos and commentary on this subject.

To see how we migrate components, check out this video. We use a temporary Excel-based database library, allowing us better control the parameters and model links during the migration process.


We encourage you to consider our service if your libraries require cleaning up.

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