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When did "PCB designer" become synonymous with "Librarian?"

We at Nine Dot Connects understand that libraries are a bane to the designer. They slow the design process down. Failure to properly create a component or list it properly on a bill of materials can derail a project for several weeks. Maintaining consistency between parts in your library takes time you do not have.

Because of our experience in PCB layout and Altium application engineering, we have developed the tools and services to get you the needed parts in the format you want.

We provide:

  • Configuration services: We can assist you in configuring your L9, Concord Pro, A365, or Nexus products to get it right the first time.
  • Library Restoration: Is your company library a bit tattered? Or nonexistent? We can build you a library from your existing libraries, projects, bills of materials, and company purchasing data. We also migrate these libraries into products.
  • Training: We train designers on the proper editing and usage of your libraries to keep them pristine.
  • Library Component Services: Want to let someone else do the work of creating components? Nine Dot Connects can assist with this ongoing effort so that you can focus on the design.
  • Clean-up: Nine Dot Connects can assist with the clean-up of previous projects to swap out components with your newly restored components.
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Nine Dot Connects review of performance:

We have used Nine Dot Connects over the past 5 months for both in-house instructor-led training and contract services related to part library creation, schematic translation, and board layout translation to Altium-based ECAD tools with very positive results.

The training was first-rate by highly conversant individuals with the material and good teachers in their own right. The electronic document translation work was handled efficiently and flexibly that dealt with the realities of our ability to support the effort. They were able to fill in the gaps where our resources were either unavailable or unable to provide complete information. Because of their knowledge of best practices and industry experience, we now have a solid collection of documents that can be updated and manipulated consistently with a common set of tools.

Jeffrey P. Milsap, P.E. Medical Device EE - Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

I came to Nine Dot Connects with an extremely complicated PCB layout request, including multiple FPGAs with DDR4 interfaces and a large number of transceiver connections at 10+ Gbps. Virginia was the engineer assigned to the project, and she was very detail-oriented and did a great job with the many high-speed interfaces. Communication was always quick, and she could accommodate some schematic changes as the layout went on. She could also leverage another engineer's FPGA experience at Nine Dot Connects to help with the package skews of the FPGA. Despite the difficulty of the project, I am confident in the final layout.

Nima Badizadegan, EE - Calliphony