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It may surprise you to know that we at Nine Dot Connects spend a great deal of time discussing the concept of learning and have read numerous books on the subject. We know that your time is important, and we do not want to create videos and training programs filled with fluff. We believe that our role in providing PCB-related training and consulting grows each day. The art of PCB design is not taught as a part of one's undergraduate program. To compound this issue, the PCB is no longer the art of connecting point A to Point B. High-speed issues must be understood. The process must be understood. Strangely enough, no one in the industry seems to see this clearly as we do.

What drives our training and offerings?

Consider these thoughts:

Education is what other people do to you. Learning is what you do to yourself.

We have specifically removed the term education from our website. Education is what someone is doing to you. At this point in your life, you have probably been educated enough, from kindergarten to high school and possibly beyond. Whether you have a degree or have experience in PCB design, the effort is to learn more about it to master it. Therefore, at this point in your career, learning is something you take on to improve yourself.

Our training is designed to show you what there is and facilitate meaningful dialog between you, the instructor, and those attending. At the end of the day, we want you to walk away with the knowledge, not just the book.

Learning through construction rather than instruction

Though the learning of any new concept is helped with instruction, the knowledge is fruitless unless there is a constructive element to the learning. For example, in our PCB Fundamentals training, we purposely wrote our exercises so that you are the "program manager" who will make key decisions about the design process. These exercises facilitate conversation. As we have found in countless classes, it's the conversation from which we learn. This is true also when it comes to our Altium Designer training as well.

Come, converse with us and let's learn from each other.

We offer engineering knowledge through coaching, training, seminars, webinars and video library throughout the year.

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