High Speed Design and Design for Manufacturing Roadshow

May 7, Austin, TX - May 8, 2014, Houston TX

We will cover 3 core topics that are critical to producing reliable, working hardware:

1) High-Speed Design Techniques With Altium Designer:
- The Layer Stack Manager, as it relates to proper stack up for design
- Noise and how to mitigate it through proper layer stack up
- The Signal Integrity tools that Altium provides, including crosstalk and reflections
- Using Altium’s high-speed analysis and simulation capabilities to determine how best to constrain your design
- How to make efficient use of Altium Designer's robust design rule checking capability for high-speed design

2) How To Ensure That Your Electrically Robust Design Will Be Optimally Manufactured:
Design Rule Checking in the PCB layout ensures that the electrical requirements are followed during board layout; however, these PCB design rule checkers' requirements are addressed to a minimal extent. We will show you how you can analyze your Altium PCB design in DFMStream so that you can optimize the manufacturability of your design. This analysis will help you reduce yield loss, reduce cost, reduce manufacturing time, and ultimately, de-risk your product's production.

3) Documentation Automation:
Do you have the time to do a thorough job in documenting your design to ensure that the production staff at your contract manufacture can get your design properly manufactured to specification without multiple iterations or other frustrating delays? We will show you an automated process to do this in a very time-efficient way, producing a highly accurate and effective documentation package in a concise period of time.

We will demonstrate how to use Altium Designer and DownStream Technology's DFMStream & BluePrint-PCB solutions in an integrated engineering flow. Application engineers will be present, so we will be able to cover questions that you may have.

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