Fall 2013 Technology Roadshow

November 5, Austin, TX - November 6, Houston, TX, November 7, 2014, Fairview TX

You will see the latest information on both Altium Designer and Zuken E3 and also have an opportunity to interact with technical experts. Our roadshows tend to foster great networking opportunities with other design companies in your area. Both Altium Designer and Zuken E3 products play key roles in your electronic/electrical product development.

Altium - What is new in Altium Designer 2014
- Rigid-Flex Design
- Improved Differential Pair Routing
- Improved Via Stitching
- Configuration Management System
- Content Data Acquisition
- DeskTop EDA (a new product offering)

Zuken E3 - Electrical & Wire Harness Design
E3.series is a CAD solution for designing electrical wiring, control systems, and fluid/pneumatics engineering. Its multi-view project file contains and automatically synchronizes all aspects of your design (schematics, cable plans, control panels, formboards, and fluid details).

If you are designing electrical wiring, control systems, or panels without the benefit of an electrically aware CAD tool, you might encounter these issues:

- Wiring errors that are not discovered until manufacturing
- Manually generated BOMs that contain errors
- Schematics that do not match BOMs, cable, or production drawings
- Forced to use separate tools design integrated electrical and hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.

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