Simulation Services

A typical simulation and analysis consists of:

  • Review of schematics to ensure correct creation of design constraints.
  • Analysis of the PCB substrate to ensure:
      a) Impedance of single ended and differential signals meet the requirements of the technologies employed.
      b) That there are clear return paths and reference planes are appropriately assigned.
      c) Materials are selected to minimize cost, provide adequate performance for the final product end use and that these materials are stocked by the clients preferred fabrication facility.
  • Analysis of the Power Distribution Networks (PDN) to ensure minimum AC impedance is attained up to the maximum required frequency.
  • Advice on the placement and routing of power planes.
  • Advice on critical placement and best routing strategies.
  • Determination of high-speed signal terminations, matched lengths and impedance matching.
  • Simulation of high-speed critical signals to ensure timing requirements are met.
  • Batch mode and interactive analysis of crosstalk.
  • Estimate of electromagnetic radiation to ensure the product meets FCC/CISPR Class B requirements.
  • A comprehensive simulation report will be provided to the client upon completion of the project

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