Engineering Services Overview

It’s key to understand that our model is to work as an extension of your organization’s engineering team. To us, this seems like an obvious requirement, however, the complaint that we most often hear about other service providers is that they go silent after the ink dries on the agreement. As the project progresses the client has little visibility or input until the project is completed or worse, when the service provider returns for additional funds due to "unforeseen technical challenges". Unless the design is very simple, this approach doesn’t allow the client to be involved in making decisions regarding important engineering trade-offs, resulting in a sub-optimal end result or project failure. Our approach is to be in regular communication regarding trade-offs and decision points in an effort to ensure the client is fully involved in guiding the design intent.

The list below represents a few of the many areas of our experience and expertise. More so, if you have a project that has an unusual constraint or circumstance, we welcome the challenge!

PCB Design Flow:

Pre Layout -
  • Design Review Consultation
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Project Planning
  • Feasibility Study
  • Functional Specification Creation
  • Schematic Capture

Libraries -
  • PCB Library Creation or Clean-up
  • Centralized PCB Library Implementation

Layout -
  • PCB Design & Layout
  • Rigid/Flex PCB Design
  • Controlled Impedance Design
  • Design for Noise Reduction

Manufacturing -
  • Fabrication & Assembly Documentation
  • PCB Contract Manufacturing Assistance
  • PCB DFM Analysis & Optimization

PCB and System Level Assistance:

Test -
  • Failure Analysis
  • Board, Unit, & System Level Test

Coding -
  • Custom Script Writing
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • FPGA HDL (Verilog & VHDL)

Mechanical -
  • 3D Body Component Creation
  • Cable Harness Design
  • Enclosure Design
  • General Mechanical Design

Simulation -
  • PCB Simulation (SI/PI)
  • DDR3/4 Simulation
  • Thermal Simulation

EDA Translation -
  • Design Conversion Services

  • Do you have a design schedule that is difficult to meet without outside help, but unsure of the quality of work that you will receive from a third party?

  • Are you tasked with a new PCB design project that requires expertise in areas that are challenging?
                     - DDR3/DDR4
                     - High-Speed Serial
                     - High-Density Interconnects (HDI)
                     - Rigid-Flex
                     - Analog and RF Design
                     - Switching Power Supply

  • Though you may own an EDA tool like Altium Designer, OrCAD, PADS, or Allegro, are you concerned that your proficiency in the tool may not be enough to complete a PCB layout project in a timely and low-risk manner?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we at Nine Dot Connects are ready to assist you with our expert design services. Our staff of senior design professionals can help you tackle the challenges of your design.

Although Altium Designer and Cadence Allegro are our preferred tools for PCB creation, members of our technical staff have experience in other EDA tool suites such as Mentor PADS. And for cable harness design, we provide coaching and design services using Zuken E3 series.

Our team has deep expertise in electrical engineering, PCB design, fabrication and assembly. We will not bid or accept an assignment that is beyond our understanding or capabilities. Your time is precious and we’re not going to commit to something that does not fall within the boundaries of our strengths.

Nine Dot Connects review of performance:

We have used Nine Dot Connects over the past 5 months for both in-house instructor led training and contract services related part library creation, schematic translation, and board layout translation to Altium based ECAD tools with very positive results.

The training was first rate by individuals that were not only highly conversant with the material but good teachers in their own right. The electronic document translation work was handled in an efficient and flexible fashion that dealt with the realities of our ability to support the effort. They were able to fill in the gaps where our resources either unavailable or unable to provide complete information. Because of their knowledge of best practices and industry experience we now have solid collection of documents that can be updated and manipulated in a consistent manner with a common set of tools.

Jeffrey P. Milsap, P.E. Medical Device EE - Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

I came to Nine Dot Connects with an extremely complicated PCB layout request, including multiple FPGAs with DDR4 interfaces and a large number of transceiver connections at 10+ Gbps. Virginia was the engineer assigned to the project, and she was very detail-oriented and did a great job with the many high-speed interfaces. Communication was always quick, and she was able to accommodate some schematic changes as the layout went on. In addition, she was able to leverage the FPGA experience of another engineer at Nine Dot Connects to help with the package skews of the FPGA. Despite the difficulty of the project, I am confident in the final layout.

Nima Badizadegan, EE - Calliphony

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