Schematic Design Review

The following is a sample list of schematic design reviews. We can tailor these services to the needs of the individual client. Upon completion, a detailed review report will be provided.

  • Download all datasheets and review the design for
                     - Pinouts
                     - Package type/footprint call-out
                     - Supply voltages and power requirements
                     - Signal levels and current ratings
                     - Required external components (decoupling, pull-ups, etc.)
                     - Thermal requirements
                     - Input/output mismatches

  • High-speed Design
                     - Termination
                     - Impedance control
                     - Differential Pairs
                     - xSignals for length/timing analysis
                     - Call-out of layout requirements (arc traces, matched length, shielding, etc.)

  • Discrete components
                     - Tolerances
                     - Resistor power ratings, thermal range, etc.
                     - Capacitor voltage ratings, dielectric types, etc.
                     - Inductor saturation levels, current capacity, frequency, etc.

  • Serial bus connections
  • Connector pin-outs match between mating parts
  • Off-board signal protection

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