Design Review Overview

Nine Dot Connects can be your design review partner throughout the entire design and fabrication process. You can think of us as a "second pair of eyes" looking over each step in the process.

We can help spot issues and problems that might not be evident to someone deeply involved in the actual design process. What do we bring to the table?

  • Years of experience in a wide variety of design areas
  • Software and databases specifically tailored to the design review process
  • An extensive knowledge base of previous design review issues - we know what to look for
  • The ability to find the problems now while they are easier (and cheaper) to fix
  • A la carte reviews - pick just the services you need
  • Detailed reports geared specifically to help the engineer and designer

Design Review Services apply across the entire spectrum of the design process:

Pre-Design Review

  • Symbols & Footprints - creation/verification
  • 3D Models - creation/verification
  • Libraries - creation/maintenance/cleanup
  • Simulation - model creation/setup

Design Process Review

Final Design Review

  • Simulation for Manufacturing - final compliance report for design sign-off

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