Functional/Engineering Design Review

The following is a sample list of functional/engineering design reviews. We can tailor these services to the needs of the individual client. Upon completion, a detailed review report will be provided.

  • Review of Altium Designer design rules setup
                     - Verification that all applicable design rules are implemented
                     - Ensure parameters are correct for any special requirements like high-speed design

  • Report of any errors based on Altium Designer Compile
                     - Perform compile of schematic and report on (or correct) any errors
                     - Ensure clean design ready to be pushed to PCB layout

  • Reports based on download and review of manufacturer datasheets
                     - Pinouts, voltage supplies, thermal requirements, etc.
                     - Discrete component tolerances, power and voltage ratings, etc.

  • Review and report of High-Speed design issues
                     - Termination, impedance control, differential pairs, etc.
                     - Call-outs of layout requirements: arc traces, matched length, shielding, etc.

  • Functional Design Review
                     - Report on correct application of components for desired functionality
                     - Verification of correct serial bus connections, connector pin matching, etc.

  • Consult with designer on DFT/DFM (Design For Test / Design For Manufacturing) needs

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