Flexible Design Consulting

What exactly is "Flexible Design Consulting" anyway?

"Flexible Design Consulting" involves connecting with a team of design experts with the skills and experience to help make your project successful. At Nine Dot Connects, "Flexible Design Consulting" ranges from conceptualization, specification, and review all the way to fabrication, test, and post-product deployment efforts to reduce support problems once your products are in the field. Sure, we can draw schematics and layout PCBs, but our staff consists of experts on the entire process. Many of our clients have found great value in our consulting services. Because we are indeed experts in PCB design optimized for fabrication and assembly, you can be assured that you will not be disappointed when you seek our services.

What makes our consulting services different?

We know what we are talking about. Our experts have decades of experience in every facet of developing products containing electronics. We will not bid or accept any assignment beyond our understanding or capabilities. Your time is precious, and we won't promise something we can't deliver.

Our consulting is a 2-way conversation. We are not here to perform a function and throw it back at you at the end with a list of cryptic recommendations. From the beginning of an assignment, we speak to our client to understand the areas of need. As the effort progresses, there are e-mails and phone calls to ensure that the recommendations are understood and aligned with your design intent. With consulting, we are not limited to a specific task or function. Whether it is to assist in understanding a manufacturing concept or to provide a design review, we are there to ensure your success as you progress through the design cycle.

We consider our consulting service to be a transfer of knowledge. Ultimately, we want our customers to be successful and gain the necessary understanding to apply it to other projects.

What is provided with the consulting service?

We understand that consulting needs to be more than just a handful of recommendations. Our recommendations will be in writing; therefore, this allows for a history of communication to be recorded. Pictures may also be included if they provide additional details. Here are a few examples:

Design Review Summary
Detailed Test Plan

Here are comments from happy clients:

"Thank you very much for the in-depth reviews you have provided. I believe that we have been provided with a product that has exceeded expectations, and will continue to approach NDC for future design reviews and assistance. Your recommendations have all been considered and implemented as appropriate. I especially appreciate the EMI considerations in your review, as well as the DFM analysis."

Zac Blume, Lead Electrical Engineer

"I have been in Design Engineering for over 30 years, and was recently assigned a high frequency board design with low electro-magnetic emission requirements. Nine Dot Connects was selected to consult on this design. The consultation services provided went far beyond a list of itemized issues. There were interactive phone calls when the issues required a deeper explanation and understanding. Nine Dot Connects was as interested in enabling us to do the work as they were in completing the project itself. Without Nine Dot Connects' experience, communications skills, and thoroughness to detail, we would most certainly have created an expensive paperweight on our first build. Thank you, 9-Dots, and Thank you, Jeff Condit!"

Bennie Ray Kirk, Jr, Principal Design Engineer
5-D Systems, Inc.

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