Why Choose Coaching vs Training?

At Nine Dot Connects, the terms “Coaching” and “Training” have specific meanings.

Training” is a service that the user purchases to attend a class that has a designated time and meeting place. It will have a structure or outline of topics. There are generally more than 8 individuals in the class. Most classes last between 2-4 full days, depending on the subject matter. The class may be held online or in a classroom. In many cases, there may be PowerPoint slides, a reference manual, and exercises. The training will generally provide all of the software tools and workstations necessary for the individual to attend.

  • The outline is known and the structure is defined
  • Allows user to focus on the training
  • Tool ramp up time shortened

  • Requires several days that may impact work schedules
  • May require travel and incur expenses
  • Many of the topics may not be applicable or of interest
  • Drinking from the fire hose if new to the tool

Coaching” is a service provided for those companies that need guidance in a particular aspect of work flow or tool capability. Coaching fills the need between formal training and impromptu support. Many customers have used coaching to better explore and understand tool features or to gain guidance through the design of a PCB. While coaching offerings are similar to Nine Dot Connects' consulting services its focus is on tools and work flow, whereas, consulting is targeted to provide for design related assistance.

Coaching is provided via the purchase of a block of hours. The minimal block is 15 hours, with 10 hours of screen time and 5 hours for any research between sessions. The onscreen hours are performed through GoToMeeting sessions and are a minimum of 2 hours. The session times are arranged with the instructor. The coaching block of hours is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Larger blocks are also available, though for most companies, 15 hours tends to fit their needs.

  • Optimal for “learn on the go” engineers who have to learn the tool and complete the project at the same time
  • Time flexibility - the coaching sessions are set up to the customer’s hours of availability
  • No travel required or expenses incurred
  • Detailed insight into the tool's usage and capabilities that is not always provided during a formal group training
  • Can use purchased hours over a 6-month period

  • No PowerPoint slides, reference materials or exercises. All of it is demonstrated as necessary

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