Why Choose Coaching vs Training?

At Nine Dot Connects, the terms “Coaching” and “Training” have specific meanings.

Training” is a service that the user purchases to attend a class that has a designated time and meeting place. It will have a structure or outline of topics. There are generally more than 8 individuals in the class. Most classes last between 2-4 full days, depending on the subject matter. The class may be held online or in a classroom. In many cases, there may be PowerPoint slides, a reference manual, and exercises. The training will generally provide all of the software tools and workstations necessary for the individual to attend.

  • The outline is known and the structure is defined
  • Allows user to focus on the training
  • Tool ramp up time shortened

  • Requires several days that may impact work schedules
  • May require travel and incur expenses
  • Many of the topics may not be applicable or of interest
  • Drinking from the fire hose if new to the tool

Coaching” is a service in which the user purchases a block of hours (a minimum of 10). The hours are used in 2-hour blocks, and the sessions are arranged between the customer and Nine Dot Connects. The topic(s) is up to the customer, although it is best to provide a wish list to ensure that the design coach best suited for instruction is provided. Though these hours are primarily for the purpose of one-on-one training, the user may have one other colleague attend the session (i.e. via their own computer or by reserving a conference room at their company facility.) All of the coaching sessions are performed online using GoToMeeting.

  • Optimal for “learn on the go” engineers who have to learn the tool and complete the project at the same time
  • Time flexibility - the coaching sessions are set up to the customer’s hours of availability
  • No travel required or expenses incurred
  • Detailed insight into the tool's usage and capabilities that is not always provided during a formal group training
  • Can use purchased hours over a 6-month period

  • No PowerPoint slides, reference materials or exercises. All of it is demonstrated as necessary

Cost & Registration