EDA Tool Coaching

Post Altium Designer Training Completion

Congratulations! After a week of instruction and exercises, you are now an expert! Right?
We understand that a class of this nature is much like drinking from a fire hydrant. Time lags between training and projects will erode this knowledge, and questions that you may tangle with that were not discussed are expected. In short, there is still a learning curve to traverse.

We certainly wish to remind you that Altium provides several ways to assist you. The Altium forums have a robust history. Altium is continually improving its technical documents and its videos. Don't forget to search both the bug crunch and feature request forums. These 2 areas can show you if others are having similar issues in addition to possible workarounds. And of course, when all else fails, take advantage of your support contract by calling Altium support.

Even with all of the help options listed above, the whole design flow may still be murky. Learning Altium Designer is not about individual features and functions; it is about the entire PCB design methodology. Some features are scattered throughout the tool. Some features have an impact on primitives and other functions.

Nine Dot connects offers a coaching package. "Coaching" is a service provided for those companies that need guidance in a particular aspect of workflow or tool capability. Coaching fills the need between formal training and impromptu support. Many customers have used coaching to explore better and understand tool features or gain guidance through a PCB design. While coaching offerings are similar to Nine Dot Connects' consulting services, its focus is on tools and workflow, whereas consulting is targeted to provide design-related assistance.

Coaching is provided via the purchase of a block of hours. The minimal block is 10 hours. It is a one-on-one coaching service. The onscreen hours are performed through GoToMeeting sessions and are a minimum of 2 hours. The session times are arranged with the instructor. The coaching block of hours is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Larger blocks are also available, though, for most companies, 10 hours tends to fit their needs. Excluded from coaching services are the Spec Ops training such as Concord Pro, Configuration Management, Cable Harness, SPICE, etc. The full list is provided here (click).

As a result of completing this class, we offer our students opportunities to get further help and guidance from our company's experts in Altium Designer.

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