Rick Hartley’s Reading List

Our July webinar with Rick Hartley was well received.  He was kind enough to provide a recommended reading list.  If you are interested in the recording, please click here.


Signal Integrity Control


Fast Circuit Boards and Energy Management
Ralph Morrison (Wiley & Sons)
Note: Rick’s recommendation for a solid explanation as to why fields are key to understanding EMI, Noise and SI Issues.

Right the First Time- A Practical Handbook on High Speed PCB and System Design – Vol I & II
Lee W. Ritchey (Speeding Edge)

High Speed Digital System Design- A handbook of Interconnect Theory and Practice
Hall, Hall and McCall (Wiley Interscience 2000)

High Speed Digital Design- A Handbook of Black Magic
Howard W. Johnson & Martin Graham (Prentice Hall)

High Speed Signal Propagation- Advanced Black Magic
Howard W. Johnson & Martin Graham – (Prentice Hall)

Signal and Power Integrity Simplified
Eric Bogatin (Prentice Hall)


EMI & Noise Control


PCB Design for Real-World EMI Control
Bruce R. Archambeault (Kluwer Academic Publishers Group)

Digital Design for Interference Specifications- A Practical Handbook for EMI Suppression
David L. Terrell & R. Kenneth Keenan (Newnes Publishing)

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering
Henry Ott (John Wiley and Sons)

Principals of Power Integrity for PDN Design Simplified
Larry D. Smith & Eric Bogatin – (Prentice Hall)

Grounding & Shielding Techniques
Ralph Morrison (5th Edition) (John Wiley & Sons)

Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
Clayton R. Paul (John Wiley and Sons)

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