Verification Engineers Can Aid Test

This article was written in the waning days of Tality. I had started in the Test and Prototyping group at Cadence and had worked my way into the ASIC design group 4 years later. One of my first efforts in the group was to write a test bench for a particular ASIC that would eventually be used to produce the vector “dumps”. These data “dumps” would be massaged for the test systems.

This provided me the opportunity to understand why there was so much effort in producing viable vector sets by the Test and Prototyping group. From this knowledge, I wrote the paper, “Verification Engineers Can Aid Test.”

The paper was written in 2002. Despite the fact that I have not touched an ASIC tool when Tality closed its doors in September 2002 and I went onto other engineering adventures, I STILL get calls and e-mails from head hunters for verification engineering positions.

Title: Verification Engineers Can Aid Test
Author: Paul Taubman
Representing: Tality Corporation
Published by: Test and Measurement World (eventually acquired by EDN)
Date of Publication: July 2002

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