Understanding Component Library Management

At the Del Mar Electronics Show in 2013, I had an opportunity to meet the publisher of US Tech. As a result of the meeting, I was given the opportunity to write about component library issues. The article below was to test the waters to see if there would be any response. The idea was to start a series on the topic of libraries. This article focuses on the need for a good bill of materials.

Though my paper was published, the effort never went beyond it. US Tech is geared for industrial equipment, so design issues were somewhat outside of their field of interest. In addition, the candidness of my writing style did not fit with the “just the facts” style of the publication.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the opportunity that US Tech gave me at the time.

Title: Understanding Component Library Management
Author: Paul Taubman
Representing: Amplio Engineering (aka Paul B. Taubman Engineering)
Published by: U.S. Tech
Date of Publication: September 2013

Download Library Paper

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