The Back 9

Obviously, we are a business, and most of our site is dedicated to convincing you of who we are and what we can provide you.

Like pulling together a resume, our website messaging has to convey a certain level of professionalism and competence. But, like a resume, our personalities, interests, achievements, and non-work-related activities are left off. We might be able to give a hint to our personality by the way we phrase something; however, as Detective Joe Friday would say, "Just the facts, ma'am."

Since a website does not limit us to the traditional 2 pages afforded to a resume, we'd figure we take the opportunity to show the more human side of us here at Nine Dot Connects. Thus, you have the Back9!

What will you find in the Back 9? An eclectic collection of documents, links, and pictures that we genuinely believe ought to see the light of day again. Let's face it - someone (whether it was a member of the engineering community or us) put some heart and soul into something. Unfortunately, that effort tends to be rewarded by burying it on a hard drive.

Take a look. It's like a swap meet (or a "flea market," if you're a New England Chowda Head like Paul) - you don't go diving in to find something specific (because chances are, you will not find it); you go to a swap meet to find that marvelous thing that you didn't know you needed!


The Staff of Nine Dot Connects

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