About Us

At Nine Dot Connects, we have built a business by sharing our PCB knowledge with you. Our goal is to be a beacon of knowledge, your go-to resource that we wish had existed long ago. This industry is a niche that really shouldn't be a niche, and we are proud to offer our support to you, whether you are new to the industry or have been doing this as long as we have.


Our organizational roots are in the EDA industry, particularly as a VAR (Value Added Reseller). Though we still represent several PCB-related products, our focus is on training, coaching, and consulting in all PCB matters - whether software tools, design, libraries, or processes. We believe that the PCB is truly the "medium of all electronic media" and is just as vital and complex now as it ever was before.


In addition to our technical expertise, our sales/marketing personnel have decades of experience working with hardware engineering groups as well as experience in the EDA industry. Rather than focusing on selling a specific design solution, we are interested in understanding your design process. We believe in a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship with our clients, where we provide multiple solutions and services as needed over time.

"No matter how much experience you have, there's always more to learn. I really appreciate the regular Nine Dots Connects series of Webinars. They're a beneficial source of expert-level guidance that I can draw on without disrupting my other work responsibilities. I consider them an essential part of my ongoing effort to stay current in a rapidly evolving industry."
Brian Falter - Senior Engineer, Electronic Innovation Inc.


Nine Dot Connects started as a virtual office in 2009 and is no stranger to this way of conducting business. This office style allows us to provide professional engineering talent without being restricted to a single building or geographical location. We are global in our reach yet local to your needs.


We are not a public company driven by quarterly quotas, so we have the luxury of putting our clients first rather than being pressured to get "deals" done in the short term. Without exception, our design team members are highly experienced tier-1 electrical engineers and/or PCB designers. Our team is top-heavy on technical members, with technical experts outnumbering sales/marketing by 5 to 1, which clearly indicates our focus and intent. Regardless of the functional area, nearly all our team members have over 20 years of experience in the electrical design domain.

"I really learned quite a lot from all the webinars. I also acknowledge the years' great industry experience of the presenters. I have no doubt and would like to work with Nine Dot Connects if I have the chance. Also, I will recommend Nine Dot Connects if I know anyone working on PCB design and have the needs for technical supports."
Fubin Zhang - EE, Satake USA

What does that mean to you? It means that we are here to assist in "de-risking" your projects, minimize schedule and cost overruns and ensure your project success. Regardless of whether you want our help through EDA solutions, training, or design services, we provide a level of assurance that your projects and processes will improve effectiveness and efficiency due to our members' expertise. We believe that "getting it done right the first time" is a worthy and attainable goal; that, when accomplished, it provides our clients with a significant competitive advantage.

"Nine Dots Connects is a unique collection of Altium User Experts. They provide the rarest combination of electronic design theory & practice, printed circuit board design theory, and practice with the art & practice of efficiently teaching others. They have an understanding of the application of the Altium toolset that is second to none. After 35 years of private consulting, they are my "Go-To" place for all things Altium."
John Painter - Lead Engineer, CyberESI

It is clear that we only profit from our client's success; let us know how we may assist you. That is how we are "Different by Design."

Watch our video to learn more about Nine Dot Connects and how we're Different by Design.